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I want to make an overall average of a 3.5 gpa or higher while attending a community college this fall?
... to Medical School for 8 years, to become an Embalmer/Cremator. I graduated with a 3.8 average.
What classes should I take in high school for a future career of being a embalmer?
The answer from mrsd is excellent. I would add that Embalming is also a business, as is running a florist department. Take as many business related courses as your HS offers - especially in bookkeeping. Good...
How did you become a doctor?
8 Years of Medical School. I am an Embalmer/Cremator in our City Morgue.
POLL: do you believe that we should have cemeteries?
Being an Embalmer, I highly agree with you. I will give you my honest opinion. I...
I took 1500 mg of OxyContin am I gonna be okay?
... mother and father? Funny, you may die, and I am an Embalmer with our city Morgue, How ironic, is that?
Is it legal to cremate your own relative, like in the woods or something?
Being an Embalmer, I will not answer this, due to the fact that it is a nonsensical, asinine question.
What are you an expert on?
Forensics. I am a Cremator/Embalmer.
How do I become a Desairologist in the state of Pennsylvania?
...state of residence also requires a license in mortuary science, funeral director, or embalmer to work in desairology. Here is their website: http://www....
A question?
I don't tell too many people that I work in our City Morgue. I am a Cremator/Embalmer. It tends to gross people out.
Taking pictures at place of work?
A licensed funeral director must ensure that all employees with access to corpses are properly trained and supervised. If you simply tell the boss what's going on, they will deal with it. It's really not your problem whether...