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Find a squirrel or cat that's been run over by a car in the street. Embalm it. Bring it to school and show how long it lasts without rotting after being embalmed.
What is your occupation?
I work at Lawrence Livermore laboratory recalibrating nuclear weapons.
I want to make an overall average of a 3.5 gpa or higher while attending a community college this fall?
... to Medical School for 8 years, to become an Embalmer/Cremator. I graduated with a 3.8 average.
What classes should I take in high school for a future career of being a embalmer?
The answer from mrsd is excellent. I would add that Embalming is also a business, as is running a florist department. Take as many business related courses as your HS offers - especially in bookkeeping. Good...
How did you become a doctor?
8 Years of Medical School. I am an Embalmer/Cremator in our City Morgue.
POLL: do you believe that we should have cemeteries?
Being an Embalmer, I highly agree with you. I will give you my honest opinion. I...
I took 1500 mg of OxyContin am I gonna be okay?
... mother and father? Funny, you may die, and I am an Embalmer with our city Morgue, How ironic, is that?
Is it legal to cremate your own relative, like in the woods or something?
Being an Embalmer, I will not answer this, due to the fact that it is a nonsensical, asinine question.
What are you an expert on?
Forensics. I am a Cremator/Embalmer.
How do I become a Desairologist in the state of Pennsylvania?
...state of residence also requires a license in mortuary science, funeral director, or embalmer to work in desairology. Here is their website: http://www....