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How do I go about becoming an embalmer?
Go to local funeral homes and ask them what they did to become embalmers or see if they can lead you in the right direction
how much does a embalmer get paid a year?
... a good discussion at:
where can i read the embalmer!!? or
Would you accept a work-at-home, free-lance embalmer for good pay?
... bad that in some countries, whores wouldn’t even sleep with the embalmers because they would smell of the embalming fluid. So as long as you don...
What exactly do embalmers do to a body at a funeral home?
..., it'll still decompose; a lot of it also depends on how good the embalmer was, how much of the fluids and whatnot they used, etc.
What would you prefer to be, a typist, an embalmer or a graphic designer for software?
for the overall fun....graphic designer. But if you have deep compassion plus the stomach, then be that embalmer....oh the salary is pretty good too i hear. a typist is well....a typist
How do you become an embalmer in the state of Florida?, but for you, I would highly suggest that you talk to a local funeral director / embalmer and ask to watch them work so that you can be sure that you will like the field...
Would you ever date a embalmer?
Sure...he'll always have a stiff one waiting in his office!
What is the easiest no debt way to become an embalmer?
... to death does not automatically equate to being a good embalmer.
did the embalmers mummified the pharaoh and the egyptians?
... charms and put enchantments on the mummy. The embalmers did the actual mummification process. If you want to learn more about it you...