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How do embalmers make sure they don't accidentally kill a living person?
..., once the body comes to us (I'm a funeral director / embalmer), we are so accustomed to death that we generally know who is...
How can I become a Embalmer in Washington State?
... way would be to make an appointment with a mortician at a funeral home. All embalmers are morticians but not all morticians are embalmers...
Where can i find school for embalming here in hongkong,i want to be an embalmer?
...nurse schools may cover some embalming techniques. The embalmers that are working in HK's funeral homes mostly enter...
How much money get the embalmers in a year?
....cfm?carid=1457 says that a "typical Embalmer working in the United States earns a median base salary...
Where can you work if you have an Assoc. degree in mortuary science besides being a funeral director/embalmer?, your options are to be either a funeral director or an embalmer. You could go back to school to study something related and then go into...
What type of powder is sealing power that funeral home embalmers use on a dead persons body?
...may be possible, for example, it could be sown up, or (I'm not an embalmer so I'm just speculating on this next one) the blood could be let...
What major would I take up to be an embalmer?
...1 mortuary school in the state. You would be a mortician--nicer term than embalmer).
list of licensed embalmer of the philippines in year 2007?
the husband of my cousin is a liscensed embalmer in pagadian. i will go ask him. will get back to you asap.
what are the requirements for becoming an embalmer?
.... Most states are all one degree, funeral director and embalmer, you will have to take all the classes. Good luck!
Where can I get a Funeral Director and Embalmer Career in Los Angeles?
You need to attend school to be an embalmer. Funeral director comes later after experience. Search...