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Any embalmers out there?
...tell you specifically from experience, but a friend of mine's mother was an embalmer for years. Believe it or now, your cosmetology school could help...
How much does an embalmer earn?
...the average one can make between 1,300 to 1,600 dollars per funeral. An embalmer prepares the deceased body, and can make between 35,000 to 45,000...
If your an embalmer please read ! I need help...? can take the Funeral Director's License exam, the Embalmer's license exam or both. You have to take the Embalmer's if...
how to become an embalmer?
... a direct link for your job.
What's the difference between an embalmer and a funeral director?
an embalmer embalms the corpse while a funeral director is in charge of directing/coordinating funerals.
Can you be a funeral director, but not an embalmer? Funeral Directors and do not perform the duties of an embalmer. However, in a small firm, you may be required at times to...
What questions to ask an embalmer when going into the feild?
How much money does an embalmer typically make? What are the hours like? How do you stand the smell? How is it different today then years ago? How did you know you wanted to be an embalmer?
why is the pay for embalmers so low?
... since most funeral directors can embalm, why would you pay a different embalmer top dollar to do what you already can do? Also, there are a LOT...
what is the difference between an embalmer and funeral director?
the embalmer wraps the body, and the director, well, directs the funeral. Its as simple as that.
WHat education is required to become an embalmer? What about a coroner?
To become an embalmer, you got to funeral directors school. To become a coroner, you go to med school, first, and then complete residency training.