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How to become a licensed embalmer?
... the current lone exception), a license is required to be an embalmer / Funeral Director. You didn't say which state you...
How much should you tip your embalmer?
older person. senile , etc. just curious how could you tip your own embalmer. prior to passing. many senior moments . getting there . when do...
Why did the ancient Egyptians let the corpses of young women and children "age" for a few days before sending them over to the embalmers?
... actually because, apparently, necrophilia wasn't totally unheard of among the embalmers. Letting the bodies 'ripen' for a few days would basically...
Pros and Cons of being an Embalmer?
... to bring in "funeral directors" as one type of speaker for the class. Embalmers tend to "not like people", are quite anti-social. I have two mortuary science...
When an embalmer is on call, do they go to the prep room alone, or is there more than one person in the room?
Generally speaking an embalmer is not "on call". Normally most embalmers are the funeral directors. And to answer your question embalmers can and do work in the prep room alone.
I want to be an embalmer and i really want to go to NSU can you tell me if they have just an asociates degree?
Find out what the licensing requirements for embalmers are in your country/state/jurisdiction. Then research schools...
dose an embalmer still have to stuff 'it' if the hymen is still intact?
... that what you are asking is whether or not an embalmer would have to use some sort of a leak protection device for a deceased woman...
What Does An Embalmer Do?
...have to take a psychology course first to see if you can handle it. An embalmer has to seal all openings on the corpse so the fluid doesn't leak...
how do you become a mortician or embalmer or cremator in Las Vegas?
Morticians, cremators, and embalmers are pretty much the same thing. All three positions should be...
How does an embalmer make someone who is disfigured in death look normal again?
...incorrect. First of all, we are not necessarily called a mortician or an embalmer. I do both arranging funerals and embalming and...