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dif b/t neither and either?
"Either" and "neither" are both singular adjectives" In formal writing, we usually use a singular verb because "either" and "neither" signal that one of the following nouns ...
neither or either...?
Either and neither often appear with or and nor and are used to express ...or combinations are positive statements; Example: Either I will meet your train or I won't. Neither...
diference between either and neither?
Either and Neither It is important to grasp the meanings and... can be used as pronoun, conjunction and adjective; however, the use of ‘either’ is considered positive, while the use of ‘neither’ is ...
difference between either and niether?
Either usually signals a choice between two things. Either we go to the movies or the park: we can't do both. Either is used in many comparisons, as in: "...and-neither
what are the differences between either and neither?
Either is positive: I want either this or that. Neither is negative: I want neither this nor that. (I don't want either this or that -- "don't" is the negative.) You use either a...
what are the differences between either or neither?
either .. or is a construction we use to show there is a choice between two different...but you can only choose one, not both. For example:- You can have either beer or wine. You can use either ... or to give someone an ultimatum. For...
English Grammar - Either of?
Either means one or the other, and suggests not knowing which one," or "helped", in that case). The uncertainty of "either" paired with the specificity of the verb (they definitely helped, but...
different between either or?
EITHER Conjunction Used before the first of two (or occasionally more...other of two people or things: "there were no children of either marriage". OR Conjunction Used to link ...
"either ...or" problem with tenses?
"Either he does it or he does it not" -- to my ear, this sounds... not; she loves me.... I'd be more likely to say "Either he does it or he doesn't do it" or, more briefly, "Either...
What is "an either /or choice" ?
Either: 1- After a negative statement used as an intensive meaning something...likewise' or 'also' For example, "she isn't stupid, but she isn't exactly a genius either"; "I don't know either"; "if you don't order pizza I won't either...