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I think cutting off the President during his national address by CBS, ABC and NBC is anti-American. What do you think?
By the playbook, same reason the left targeted education and the media way back in the 70's. Control the message, the flow of information, control the flock. They don't even try to hide it anymore.
What can we do as a society to make unschooling illegal?
It seems to me that at some point the 'unschooled' people are going to want jobs. And they are going to have to prove some skill at the jobs they want. So think about ...'Walmart' maybe needing to hire a...
When will humanity realize that we don't need a make believe god and in fact would better off without him?
Education will do it but there are many who will never get and education or prefer to be ignorant so it iwll take a long time for religion to die
I need exploratory essay Topics? to promote electric cars? Is a diverse student body necessary for a good education? How does war affect culture? Do all “handicaps” have...
Would a sport management/history double major have any practical use?
... is foolish to choose a major and then hope you can find a job/use for that education. INSTEAD, you research the careers you are considering...
Do you think this is a reason for me to commit suicide. I always had a problem with A.D.D. & my parents refused to do anything to help me?
Looking back will always cause depression. LOOK FORWARD!!!!! Think of everything you can do now that you feel better!
Is there some correlation between having an imaginary friend and voting for this man?
Absolutely, they both correlate with low education.
Would you kick your child out right when they turned 18?
... making absolutely no effort to look for work or further their education. And they would know it was coming at least six months...
My court appointed lawyer said georgia is a country?
Georgia is a country south of Russia, it was part of the USSR. Do you need some education?
How does Jesus feel about the following?
Get to know him, then you can ask him.