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What is the possibility that I could be pregnant?
... or get to the library and start reading up on all matters of sex education from comprehensive, unbiased sources. Also, you should talk to your...
What you think of china ban islam?
... Muslims are detained in a part of China in re-education camps to make them atheists. They are ...
A marine recruiter came to our school. I yelled, "No blood for oil!" They gave me detention. Can you believe this easy "punishment?"?
It's nice to see some young Americans so clued up about the 500,000 dead Iraqis and a country utterly decimated all for the cheap stable supplies of oil for US citizens.
Would you want your children to attend Trump University?
No, I would not be looking to waste money, time, and their education.
is it wrong that i want to be pregnant?
.... You haven't even finished high school yet, and without an education, how do you expect to be able to afford to pay all the costs associated...
do girls usually have sex with their boyfriends?
..." should not. Get you money, get your career, get your education, find yourself, support yourself then date, get married and then do...
Why do most yahoo answers users dislike Hodgkinson McTardweasel?
... a lot of 'tards' and false claims of medical knowledge and education then it's the bridge dweller.
Why do some British people assume Ireland uses Pound Sterling and is part of the UK?
Lack of a decent education.
Can Antifa be compared to the Nazi political party?
Closer to KKK 2.0, still the activist wing of the Democrat Party.
Why are ppl born in the 20th century not yet done with high school? Is it becuz there stoopid?
I'm very confident that people who are older than 18 year olds have more life experience and thus education than those who are 18 and younger.