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What is the Appalachian dulcimer?
The Appalachian Dulcimer (also called Mountain specific pitches. Most mountain dulcimers, unlike other fretted instruments such...
dulcimer information?
...primary methods for playing mountain/appalachian dulcimer. Galax Style uses a noter to fret...person to learn from on YouTube. He can make a dulcimer do some amazing things. If you'...
Dulcimers in medieval times- can you please help me?
The Appalachian dulcimer as we know it is a very close and near relative (probably a...the scheitholt in very high regard. The hammered dulcimer as we know it is most likely directly descended from...
Is dulcimer also used in orchestra?
What kind of dulcimer are you refering to? I have never heard of a dulcimer's diatonic frett board and drone strings; however, the hammered dulcimer actually originated in Western Europe. Though it...
How do you tune a Dulcimer?
... three basic customary tunings for mountain dulcimer. Which you use depends on which style you... a little easier. Because the mountain dulcimer is a diatonic instrument and not a chromatic (like a guitar...
Plucked instrument that sounds like a hammered dulcimer?
... in tone quality. The hammered dulcimer is a fretless zither - any member of the.../24-history/45-the-concert-zither Mountain Dulcimer (aka Appalachian Dulcimer) - http://www...
Is it worth it to get a more inexpensive Appalachian Dulcimer (like Applecreek ACD100) just to learn on?
... aren't all that bad. A mountain dulcimer is supposed to be an inexpensive instrument...well] About that 6 1/2 fret: Oldtime dulcimers didn't have one and were tuned in a...
What tone wood is best for making mountain dulcimers?
...tone wood is the one that produces a dulcimer that sounds good to you. Dulcimers ...sound to a crowd. I have used all three in the dulcimers I've built, and I think the spruce...
Anybody play the Mountain Dulcimer?
.../recitals of. One beauty of the Appalachian Dulcimer is that it's a diatonic instrument. It's like a piano with no...
How could I learn the hammered dulcimer?
... "You Can Teach Yourself Hammered Dulcimer" from Mel Bay