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Drunk stories. .?
My best drunk story is when I didn't drink alcohol and didn't get drunk
Drunk?drank? meeeee and get one point for sure.?
Drink is the main word. When you want to use it in the past tense as in you use it as Drank - Eg. he drank water or I drank milk. Drunk...
Drinking a lot of water will help you eliminate the kidney disease.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of drinking V Guarana energy drink!?
Energy drinks contain extra vitamins and minerals for your body along with... to help with any activities you do. Of course you never want to drink more than 2 a day, as too much caffeine or similiar substance is bad for your...
Any good ways to avoid getting drunk?
Why do you and everyone else drinking with getting drunk! Just because you drink alcohol, doesn't...
What gets you more drunk?
They will probably make you drunk either way. Shots typically get me much more drunk than drinking...
Drinking: Getting Too Drunk?
What alcohol you drink has no effect on your drunkenness or the hangover. This is... me, I broke my foot when I was drunk and it didn't even hurt. Different people react to drinking differently...
is drinking all that great.. i mean hardcore drinking?
Hey, drinking is fun, and yes even hardcore drinkin can be a blast... but... it is an adult activity. So when you inevitably do something stupid whilst hardcore drinking, you have to take responsibility for it.
drunk surfing?
a am drunk now see two computer now i have a beer so drunk drink drank drunk
drink.drunk.THROW UP!?
... can cause vomiting after drinking... Here are a few things...content. Wait a little while in between drinks and NEVER operate a car while under...