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Virgin drinks?
Here is a site for fruits And this site is the best for any kind of drink you want.
healthwise, does drinking beer until drunk better than drinking vodka until drunk?
Drinking any alcohol in excess is not good for you. If you drink five beers...phrase you mentioned, they may be referring to wanting to enjoy drinking, rather than get drunk as fast as possible. The downside to drinking...
best drink??
A beer, preferably light if it's your first time. But drink it slowly, as drinking it fast will have an effect on you (get you drunk).
lasting long whilst drinking...?
every drink, drink a glass of water after. instead of shots, do mixed drinks. (rum and coke, jack and coke) eat starchy foods during your drinking. (potatoes and bread) piss as often as you can.
How much do you drink?
I drink approximately 150 ounces of asssorted liquids/day-mostly water, coffee, tea... love good beer and have a high tolerance for alcohol, so I'll usually drink at least 3 at a go.
Drinking Songs?
jimmy buffett - let's get drunk and screw the click - let's get drunk jimmy rogers - sloppy drunk afroman - let's all get drunk
drinking prob..?
Try drinking something different and only drink one thing that way maybe you can figure out whats causing the hives. It may only be you nerves reacting to you being drunk
what is the best alocoholic drink?
Hmm, for tastey drinks why don't you check out some of these girly ones:
do you drink?
I am an occassional drinker. When I drink, I enjoy a cold beer or wine. A good margarita every so often is something I enjoy.I like to drink, but it is my choice not to drink often.
drunk fairy tale characters?
Drunk Dwarf? Snow white Drunk Giant? Jack and beanstalk...