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Beverages Or Soft Drinks?
A soft drink is a beverage. The definition of "beverage" is any potable liquid, esp. one other than water, as tea, coffee, beer, or milk, so any liquid suitable for drinking is a beverage, including soft drinks. The definition...
Do you underage drink?
I'm under 21, and I do drink alcoholic beverages during formal occasions, but I wouldn't.... *(^_^)* I'm sure there are a lot of teens who drink. And those who do just to get drunk really don't know how to appreciate...
Drinking Alcohol?
drinking is not a sin but if you drink a lot and being addicted to alcohol you might commit a sin...well refer to t this link i will gave you
Are there bottled green drinks you can order online?
Drink plenty of water every day At the table vary your choices Always make a healthy breakfast...extra virgin olive oil Do not exceed the amount of salt Limit your intake of sweets and drinks to heat during the day Above Avoid diets DIY and always ask your doctor to...
Mixing drinks?
...a shot of liquor no matter what way you ingest it. However... If you drink a straight shot, you are getting all of the liquor at once. When...
Can diabetics drink beer?
...sugar levels, you need to be especially vigilant about drinking alcohol. The interaction between insulin and certain diabetes...probably aren't going to eat a healthy salad and drink a beer. Drinking alcohol allows you to let...
drinking to get drunk?
Drink on an empty stomach, that always gets the job done faster. The higher the prof or percentage, the sooner it will get you drunk so drinks like whiskey, rum and vodka will get the job done faster...
Drinking Games?
We "created" DRUNK UNO one night,,, (when using beer for this, it's best ...
Energy Drinks?
...would suggest 17 or 18. Jon, I would highly recommend that you NOT drink 5 cans a day!!! These so-called "energy drinks...
Why do people get drunk?
i don't drink myself either and im 18 and in college i never have drank before. i can... alcohol in my system. i really don't see the point in getting so drunk that you can't remember what happened people really need to know their...