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Do Mormons drink coffee ?
"hot drinks" is what it says in the Doctrine and covenants... can't have coffee and tea Because that's what "Hot drinks" supposedly means. Why are they hot drinks? well...
Drinking soda o tea?
No. Drinking tea is not like drinking soda. In fact, it'...the tea for awhile. With acid indigestion, at least, don't drink it on an empty stomach. But overally, tea is a much...
...remove all the alcohol from your house so that you won't be temped to drink it. Then I would not go out to any bars or parties...
Should I start drinking?
...just expected, it is demanded. Drinking wine is normal for every person in the family all. More people lose everything when they start drinking alcohol - they lose respect of others when they commit...
what would happen if you drink?
Energy drinks are basically loaded with caffeine and sugar. If you have too much... addition, your body can get used to caffeine and people who stop drinking caffeine may get headaches and become cranky or tired for a few ...
Alcoholic Drinks.....?
Why do you want to get drunk fast? Half the fun is the ride there... so to speak...alcohol... order one that is 8%+ ABV or a mixed drink/shot that is better than 40% or 80 proof.
how can i drink 80 proof liquor?
How to Drink Liquor? An ounce of bourbon, a shot of tequila, a flask of whiskey--drinking...stuff might take some getting used to. Here's how to enjoy drinking liquor. Step1 Decide if you want your drink straight, on the...
HELLS yeah, I drink. My stepdaughter knows that if/when she drinks, to do it at someone...
Does drinking water regularly makes you healthier?
Drinking water and non-caffinated beverages regularly will make you feel more healthy, alert, and energetic. The could lead to problems later on in life. There are other benefits to drinking water---it can help clear skin, can keep away cramps, and other stuff. Generally, what I...
What is your favorite drink?
Hot Drink: Spiced hot chocolate This is my ultimate winter drink, your mouth where the spices kick in. It's one of those drinks that really heats you up from the inside out. Cold Drink...