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What are dreams?
Dream are movie-like experiences people have during REM{rapid eye movement...can relay valuable imformation and feelings to the conscious mind. Often dreams are often triggered by things that have happened, people...
Dreams subconsciously deal with your problems of the day. When you dream..., relatives and friends actually communicate to you in dreams..visit you. My Dad passed away 5 yrs. ago. Sometimes...
recurring dreams?
Recurrent dreams, which can continue for years, may be treated as any other dream. ...
Why do we dream?
Our dreams come from our subconcious minds. Dreams involve emotional and real that they actually make you cry when you wake up! Why we dream..? Our subconcious minds take in everything that has...
Info about lucid dreaming?
Lucid dreaming is awareness of the fact that you are dreaming. This awareness... dreams usually occur while a person is in the middle of a regular dream and suddenly realizes that they are dreaming. Once you...
how can i effectively achieve lucid dreaming?
Lucid dreaming takes time. It took me 3 weeks before I...nonsensical, and that habit will carry on into your dreams. In a dream, these will tell you that you are sleeping, allowing you to become...
What causes dreams??????
Dreams are just reflections of all the thoughts in times hitting the giant screen that displays your dreams to you. If you want to specifically dream about something, you can learn to lucid...
why we dream??... "We dream to exercise the synapses, or pathways, between brain cells, and that dreaming takes over where the active and awake brain leaves off. When awake...
dreams ????????
To dream what you want to dream about you should try to make it your last thought... in an almost sleeping state, but still awake think of the thing you want to dream about. For remembering dreams, keep a notebook by your...
Dreams ???