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Can you tan when there is downcast?
I don't know what you mean by 'downcast'. I assume you mean overcast. If it is overcast you can still...
what does downcast means?
1. (of a person's eyes) looking downwards. "her modestly downcast eyes" 2. (of a person) feeling despondent. "you mustn't be downcast"
Are you downcast?
U.S. soldiers have never lost a war, Pacifists have.
out of these 3 which is the best: downcast fable, bird sings blue or robot and beanstock
Downcast Fable
What are downcast eyes?
Its pretty much just means when you look down. Example is when you stare at the ground while you walk to avoid someones eyes or just because your looking down.
Anyone here feeling sort of — downcast…?
Yeah, I feel worthless. I feel hated and mistreated and everything. I don't feel as if I have a place in this world and i don't think I belong here. I've tried committing suicide a few times.. obviously it didn't work but it...
what are two definitions for downcast?
1. (of eyes) looking downward 2. feeling despondent 3.ventilation shaft in mine
Is there ever any reason to be downcast?
I think people just make that stuff up.
I am down feeling dejected and downcast. help me?
It sounds like your mother has some issues going on with herself. One might refer to it as "blame projecting." She doesn't want to take responsibility for her own failures, or face them, and she...
can you write a paragraph with the words either;;? the bat. If you use the word "TOTALLY" often, and now feel DOWNCAST, don't worry! It isn't NECESSARY to feel so worried...