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to get Through airport security - can one refuse a personal frisking and just disrobe in public?
Disrobing in public could lead to midemeanor charge, meaning you could be arrested...
Doctors and "full disrobing"--an unnecessary shame?
If a medical exam requires a patient to disrobe, he or she should be required to disrobe only to the extent necessary to conduct...
Poll: When you get a professional massage, do they ask you to disrobe to your comfort level?
...not say "to your comfort level" but that is the way you should disrobe. Many people are completely naked, while some leave underwear on, and...
If you unintentionally wandered onto a clothing optional beach would you stay? Would you disrobe?
If I were to disrobe and display my naked body for all to see there would be such a mass panic,mass...
Have you ever had a professional massage on the beach at a spa/hotel? How did you handle the disrobing?
...there, the masseuse pointed me to the table and asked me to disrobe and make myself comfortable. I was briefly nude in his presence...
Are you more uncomfortable disrobing if your Dr is of the opposite gender?
heck no.. I disrobe and spread em, the faster I do it the faster they get done..
when the need quickly can you?
As quickly as you want me to be.
Have You Ever Danced in the Rain...?
Yes but it's almost been a long time since that happened.
Will the day come that a girl will disrobe and allow me to put my pen in that pink?
...(; I'm kind of wondering why pens and ink involve disrobing.... Do you plan on drawing a portrait of her nude body with ...
karna's cruelact of saying disgusting words to draupadi&asking dushaashan to disrobe her,is it worthy of him?
It is never a worthy act to debase someone no matter what the purpose is. The disrobing does not matter the method is morally wrong regardless of the wanted outcome.