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Like or Dislike?
Rap Music? dislike Country Music? dislike Pop Music? dislike Rock...? like Chips? like Cookies? like Oatmeal? dislike Possums? like Reading? like Writing? dislike This...
What is your opinion of Jon and Kate's children's names? Like or dislike?
Alexis - Dislike. There is a girl I know whose...she spells it with a K. Aaden - Dislike. Just don't like it but I love ...
Like or dislike our " President " Barack Obama? Explain just curious :)?
Dislike: he is a demagogue that is forcing unpopular policies down...
What do you like/dislike about each sign?
Aries: dislike: same observation here, they have a hero mentality, arrogant, boastful, liars, offensively...go-getters Taurus: dislike: materialistic like: loyal Gemini: dislike: flirtatious, liars, immature, tactless like: funny, talkative, sociable Cancer...
Adolescents: What are your dislikes?
1) I dislike it when people play music on the bus and you can hear it. I DON ... TO LISTEN TO YOUR MUSIC. 2) I dislike it when people answer their own questions they've just asked...
Obama, like or dislike?
Dislike, Illinois, I lived here with him and his cut...
If someone dislikes Obama, does that automatically make them racist?
If someone dislikes Obama, does that automatically make them racist.... But I see your point. I dislike a lot of his views and policies, but...
Why do you like/dislike a story?
like/love/dislike/hate: The reasoning why the characters do certain...long as that made sense. Now what makes me dislike a story. If it tries to be more then it is! ...
Do you enjoy or dislike life?
dislike. i think it's because i'm scared of people, and people are a large impact of one's life. i should get over that. thanks for the help man. you just made me think.
Do you dislike someone?
I dislike people who are mean. I do not like rude people either... people are unappealing and that could be a way of disliking someone also. Doesn't mean they are bad but you...