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What is disgust?
Disgust is an emotion that is typically associated with things... and Animals, Charles Darwin wrote that disgust refers to something revolting. Primarily in relation to the...
Why do people find feces disgusting?
Unlike fear or anger, disgust is an emotion that until recent years has been largely...quot;being touched by a naked savage." For Darwin, disgust was, quite literally, something offensive to the taste. For Valerie...
...the level of their own personal convenience. Whether or not it's disgusting based on a personal level of taste is honestly no one's business but...
Iam Disgusting?
No sweetheart you are not disgusting, what was done to you was disgusting, And a lot...
Is my roommate disgusting?
First of all, that is, in fact, disgusting. There are millions... a part of your life and his disgusting habits will impact your life...
Need disgusting topics please?
You said disgusting so don't get annoyed if I go too... think of textures and compare disgusting things with food. Also one more thing...
Is disgust taught or is it innate?
Disgust is taught. There was a documentary which was...ago in the U.K called, called" Anatomy of Disgust" and they were showing how disgust was shown throughout...
repulsive and disgusting?
in a way, finding it disgusting as a way of life - beyond the sex part, but the love relationship between...but i don't find homosexuality in and of itself particularly disgusting. to each their own.
is my body disgusting?
what would be disgusting about a natural thing? I can tel you there is nothing nice looking...
Some people say female masturbation is disgusting?
It is absolutely not disgusting as a matter of fact it is necessary sometimes... of the opinion that FM is disgusting is misinformed and disgustingly out...