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What kind of a second chance would the disbelievers get?
... of all, do you know who created the Disbelievers? Qur'an - Surah al-Qamar... Allah who wrote that the Disbelievers shall Disbelieve. Let me show...
Ramadan? What makes Arab Disbelievers worse than Non-Arab Disbelievers?
❶ - Arab disbelievers are worse because they have better... it, if they were to become disbelievers anytime in future: قال الله إني منزلها...
According to you, who are disbelievers?
According to me: Disbelievers are those who intentionally disbelieve. (Best example: Atheists...
how to give dawah to disbelievers?
.... Now, let me ask you this, do you want to Invite the Disbeliever to read the Qur'an, which is the basic thing you need him or...
Why do some Muslims hate the disbelievers when the Messenger of Allah prayed to Allah for their salvation and guidance?
We don't hate disbelievers.. Wtf? Why would I hate someone who did nothing wrong to...
Why did Jesus order killing disbelievers?
...outside, but the Luke 12 verse does not even hint at "killing disbelievers". Sticking with Luke 19, this is a parable Jesus...
what chapter of the Quran was revealed upon the Prophet p b u h while he was busy with the disbelievers chief?
Quran 80, surah abasa was one such chapter that was revealed to the prophet while he was more concerned with the disbelievers chief and party.
O Muslims? Have you lost faith in the Disbelievers here?
It depends on who you consider a disbeliever. Some ignorant Muslims believe disbelievers are anyone...
is it fair to torture forever that's what god is going to do with disbelievers?
If you were a disbeliever or a person who hated God, would you want to spend eternity with ...
Why should we be harsh against disbelievers,simply because they don't follow Islam?
... jews,christians and hindus or any other,are disbelievers, majority also believes those who follow Quran alone are disbelievers...