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Are you ever in a determinedly light mood...?
yes. happens to me all the time
Why are YA's conservative editorialists so determinedly delusional?
And Tyrell gives you the answer! Because their base expects nothing else and is quite comfortable with delusion and deceptions!
the distribution of the desert, grassland, and forest biomes is determinedly by?
B. precipitation is best
What does it mean when a guy stares seriously or 'determinedly' at you?
He might possibly like you. That's what my classmate used to do. He would stare at me and tease me and all his friends actually told me he liked me. So yeah, there's a chance he likes you and...
How do *you* pronounce this word?
Well, I say "determined" as de-TERM-ind so "determinedly" would just add a LEE to determined. so ... de TERM ind lee
What would you Help me edit/proofread this? -Third paragraph- 10 points each!!!?
... and I'm going to improve, I thought determinedly. The next few weeks went pretty good. I did improve...
Synonym help! The word is pointedly?
determinedly. (With a determination) Impressiveley (To impress his point) .unerringly. Pointed an unwavering finger at the sergeant.(?). Good Luck!.
Please help me proofread/edit this?
... going to work harder and improve, I thought determinedly to myself. The next few weeks went pretty well, I...
What's a good word to replace "desperately"?
frantically determinedly urgently drastically direly despairingly forlornly vehemently futilely
what is another word for really wanting?
& was determinedly resolute, desirous of success, focused,