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Insurance professional designations?
I have a CPCU designation and I can tell you it is a significant undertaking in want a solid base of insurance knowledge from A to Z the CPCU designation is the way to go. I have never regretted earning the designation...
Philippine Ethnic Designations?
... to the blood line. filipinos hold pride to their ethnic designations so most of the time they equate them with their blood line even when they...
AIC Designation?
It is always good to pursue professional designation. Yes, it does look good to have an alphabet behind your name...
In a charity foundation, what designation comes after Founder ?
There is no designation after "founder." In fact, "founder" means only that, but...
What accounting designation should I take to accompany my CFA?
...professional development. Getting an accounting designation from any of the three recognized bodies..., attend info sessions from the three designations on your campus or community. Make the ...
How does the army create weapon designations?
... Numbers" or "M"-numbers. A designation is usually assigned as soon as a new equipment item enters the...
Anyone take the CIP designation?
Generally speaking, insurance designations do not necessarily help you land insurance jobs, but they don't necessarily hurt...
European Accounting Designation?
... Charter in 1854. It was the first to adopt the designation "Chartered Accountant" and the designatory letters...
what does " year of assigned designation" mean?
designation a name, label, description, or "a job title" given to someone http...dictionary/DictionaryResults.aspx?refid=1861604036 " year of assigned designation" - the year in which the "job title" is given to someone
What is degree designation?
Degree designation means the name of the degree which the candidate will earn on completion of an educational...