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Do you deserve love or not?
If you deserve something, you earn it. Love as I see it is so places the perspective in a totally different light. I deserve nothing more than what I am willing to be and do...
Do I deserve love?
You certainly deserve it much more than any rich arrogant men. Just solely offer financially, shes not the one. Go for it, you deserve love and any woman who is loved by you is really...
Why do you deserve....?
why do i deserve, because I am a child of the King and as a prince I deserve what ever the kingdom has, but along with that deserving there is a price to pay also, I need to remember to help thoes...
Do you think Kris deserved to win?
Kris deserved to win, but Adam Lambert was soo... funny how he was like "but Adam deserves this!" Both of them are great...
What do we actually deserve?
Deserve means to be worthy of or to merit. The situation into which you ... around the world (Afghanistan, Iraq...), would you "deserve" that? (Would you even have the "luxury" of thinking of...
Ramadan:: Does today's Muslim youth deserve any praise?
We certainly deserve reprimand. I do not doubt that there are many good youth, individuals... who do all, but they are and will always be a minority. We certainly deserve the reprimand, for almost no one is fulfilling our rights...
Stewart got what he deserved?
...don't think Stewart got what he deserved, because i'm not his guardian. I do think... a sport. Tony didn't get what he deserved. If it didn't rain it would have been...
Do people deserve love?
I honestly believe that some people do not deserve the comfort and warmth (joy,pleasure,etc) of unconditional love... a horrific act like murder,rape,kidnapping,etc deserve a lifetime of pain im not saying in a physical sense (even...
How a person deserves....(essay help"?
*A person deserves respect if they have done something really brave, and maybe won a medal...or maybe if they are just your employer! *An older person deserves respect, because in some societies an older person is assumed...
Who say u don't deserve 2b love....?
Everyone deserves to be loved. Even those who have done horrible things... to them Good luck, I hope you feel you deserve Love because of course you do.