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something to describe?
A lot of people describe events, but how about describing objects? Simple.... Or you could describe a person or place- dark always does it. Describe a scary place, or a horrible person. For example- "As solitary as an...
Help describing a work environment?
How would you describe an ideal working environment? Answer How you answer...environment-question/article.aspx
Describing my haircut wrong?
The best way to describe that style is with that picture. It's a regular haircut, around 2.5"...of the neck. The problem with the description is it does not really describe how the hair is cut on the back/sides because a typical long taper often...
How is Heaven described?
Heaven is a real place described in the Bible. The word “heaven” ...reality of heaven is beyond the ability of finite man to describe (1 Corinthians 2:9). Heaven ...
How to describe a character in a book?
Describe with action, dialogue tags, or dialogue what your characters are blouse on her date.) 2 Write about a couple physical traits. You don't need to describe every single body part--this is not a dating profile. Here's an example that will give readers...
describe modernism......?
Modernism describes an array of cultural movements rooted in the... at first, and the term remained to describe movements which identify themselves as ...
need help describing an explostion.?
If you want to describe an explosion, especially a near nuke, go read eyewitness accounts.../Hibakusha/index.shtml If you really want to describe it, do it right. Such blasts are fearsome, brutal...
Describing Scenes?
Describe what your character feels about being by the river, what the river...
Christians, describe trinity....? ?
... that there is one God, and that His nature is described as trinity. Though I believe that the word "triune" best describes...
i need someone who speaks english...and likes to describe ?
When describing something, try to avoid words that are just ...then pick out the most notable features (eg the piano) and describe them. You don't need to go into detail of every...