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what does descent mean???????
Descent comes from the same root word as descend... to come down from. To be of French descent means... France. So you could definitely be a Mexican of French and Indian descent. Just like there are Americans of French and Indian descent.
Aviation: Instrument training, Visual Descent Point?
A visual descent point is published for runways where the Missed ...precision approach would put you in a position where you cannot make a normal 3-degree descent to the touchdown zone. The VDP is always located before...
Why some deny that the British Royal Family is mostly German by descent?
From their descent from 2 people, 150 years ago, they're mostly German? By... son, Edward VII, was of largely German descent as well - although still born and raised in England. His wife...
How far from it's destination will the pilot of an airliner commence its descent?
Start descent at distance of "THREE TIMES THE ALTITUDE"...thrust - Example - You are at FL370 (37,000 ft) = start descent 3 x 37 = 111 NM from destination - That is assuming "...
What is Black/African Descent?
African descent such as African-American is usually someone of Sub...
Descent- Confused!?
The Descent was released in North America with approximately a minute...
I'm not a pilot, but I flew from Denver to San Diego on a 737 and I felt that we made a very fast descent,
If you made a fast descent, it’s probably because the controllers ...a safe operating airspeed, like fighter jets. Descents are normally made using an instrument...
Descent groups fuctions?
1)Descent groups have one common lineage they are either patrilineal or matrilinieal...
Infinite descent question ?
In mathematics, a proof by infinite descent is a particular kind of proof by mathematical induction. ...elliptic curve. More precisely, his method of infinite descent was an exploitation in particular of the possibility of ...
Rapid descent from 29,000 feet - was that Qantas pilot crazy?
A rapid descent is normal procedure when depressurization occurs at high ...altitude of Leadville, Colorado). The rapid descent is part of a planned procedure for depressurization and ...