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how do i tell if im depressed?
Yes, you are depressed sadly enough... You should tell someone so they can get...all this drama, it isn’t always easy to differentiate between depression and normal teenage moodiness. Making things even...
Am I depressed?
You're definitely depressed or at least dissatisfied with something(s) in ... out is just a tie to your depression. I think you should just sit back and see if you can...
... be sure that getting depressed is not a solution to anything in the... forget that you ever were depressed. Just leave your...
10 weeks pregnant and depressed ?
I was seriously depressed for a while in my pregnancy, its ... out of it, i don't go back to being depressed now, i just get upset, i think me being...
im depressed?
Feeling depressed over a loss is to be expected; you're not clinically depressed...
While most people occasionally feel down, severe depression (sometimes called clinical depression) makes... often hidden behind physical illness Depression is a complicated problem, which...
Important audition, depressing monologue needed.?
Why depressing? Do you know what contrasting imprisoned for life. She is not depressed! She is enraged!!! Also, she...
Have you ever been extremely depressed?
I have been extremely depressed several times throughout my life to the point... about clinical depression. Events do not cause depression; they may trigger it. In the end, the root cause...
Cats can become depressed if a close companion, be it human or animal, has... you suspect your cat may be feeling depressed or unwell, take them to the vet for a check up...
acting tips- acting depressed?
Really depressed people are almost catatonic. They don't respond to much...prison with no possibility of parole. If you can't portray a depressed person after this, try another profession.