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Suppose 1.5 percent of antennas are defective. For a random sample of 200 antennas, find the probability that:?
The probability that an antenna is defective is 1.5%. The probability that an antenna is not defective, then...choose 1) * (.985)^199 * .015 = 200 * (.985)^199 * .015 just the first two are defective: (.985)^198 * (.015)^2 exactly two are defective: (200 choose 2) * (.985)^198 * (.015...
Probability that at least one battery is defective.....?
at least one battery defective is the same as 1 - none are defective the probability that all are...1)=1-.97^22 p(x>=1)=.4883 48.83% probability that at least one battery is defective probability that 2 batteries are defective = .03^2 * .97^20 but this...
Macbook problems cheap or defective?
Defective - get it replaced. I have been a Mac user for 8 years and never had an issue with any Mac I have worked with. It won't cost you anything to get it replaced.
Can defective fish breed?, fish do not need both eyes to spawn. but generally you don't want a defective animal to spawn unless your trying to develop a new strain. Like...
Probability of defective rate greater than 4%?
...a binomial distribution, if the chance of a single component being defective is 2%, then the chance of k components out of;4%) = 1 - Φ(4.167) = 1 The probability of a 4%+ defective rate is negligible.
determine the probability that there are two or less defectives in the sample?
... there are N total items of which Q are defective and a sample of n items is selected, the probability of ...
Compute the probability that the third defective bulb is:?
Number of defective bulbs = 3 Number of non defective bulbs = 12-3 = 9 Total...
How do I return a defective CD?
... may discover that your seller has no problem exchanging defective merchandise or will allow you to return it for a refund. Contact the seller and...
Law about defective products?
Yes, you can absolutely get a replacement or a refund for any defective product. They can actually be sued for even SAYING "no ...
Probability Help - what is the probability of defective CDS?
[2 defectives, pick 1]* [46 ok, pick 4]/ 48 total, pick 5] = 2c1*46c4 /52c5 = 0.1256 ------------- edit...