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am i defective??????????????????????
Your not defective! If these friends of your believe rumours about you then they're not... to make you feel good about yourself. So dont worry, your NOT defective :) x
Defective verbs?
In the English language there are few defective verbs. One case is the class of modal... forms, speakers substitute a non-defective phrase with a similar meaning. *to must → "to have...
what are the troubles for a defective resistor?
A defective resistor during the manufacturing process is one that does look for when repairing a device is far shorter. A defective resistor generally has a higher than expected resistance. ...
A box of 10 articles contains 1 that is defective. in how many ways can you select 4 articles in such that:?
When one is defective, 9 are good. Probability of selecting the defective one in...9. After the second choice, they become 1/8 and 7/8, etc. a. the defective article is included Here you can have the defective one in any...
Defective Items A production process ....?
P(item is defective)=0.15 P(item is good)=1-0.15=0.85 P(item is classifed... good & item is good)+P(item is classifed good & item is defective) Now P(item is classified good & item is good...
Defective DSL MODEM?
Defective is strong possibility. It could be also some configuration problems...
battery defective .. ?
... a worn out battery though some manufacturers will call it defective instead. Battery technology also often has electronic innards. ...
I feel defective?
Most women feel defective and hurt after a break up. But, you should feel lucky honey. You don'...
Where does Gucci, Armani, Lousi Vuitton send their defective product?
Defective? Have you wondered why Louis Vuitton, Gucci... before they ship them to stores. If there are defective products (which rarely happens) then the products are...
BestBuy: Can you return defective headphones?
defective merchandise must be returned to the manufacturer for repair/replacement. you won...least some of its merchandisers to allow it to accept and repair/replace defective merchandise itself so that will save you a lot of time.