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Poll: Are you a decent guy?
ROFL. Decent yep hence i am single. Woman don't really find your question funny though as what defines decent? And you will have loads of guys come on here...
How much would a decent gaming pc cost?
Decent gaming computers actually start at around $600. I myself have built computers... total of $578.92 This computer has a high end AMD Chip along with a good motherboard, decent graphics, good RAM, good hard drive, decent DVD drive and decent power supply. Building computers...
Can you make a decent living off of teaching martial arts?
Define decent. I teach martial arts full time and I am a very hard core...very cheap. This being said I feel that I make a decent living off of teaching but I always knew I ...
Is my SAT score decent?
Decent can mean many things depending on the context of your achievement... that interfere with your academics, then you did very decent. However, compared to other test takers, your score...
Suggestions for a decent surround sound system?
Decent home theater / home cinema surround sound speaker systems, with or without a subwoofer, start at around $400 (US). ..., B&K Components, Sunfire, Arcam, Marantz, and Anthem. A decent quality surround sound A/V receiver starts at an MSRP of around $400 (US) and goes...
Im single and decent ? ?
DECENT!!! realyy u dont say u want a JEWISH or BLACK-GIRL dont be...wonder ur looking for someone through YA cos u AREN'T decent at all ur PATHETIC dont be racist seriously
Is there a decent deer hunting rifle for about $250?
Decent is a taste that differs from person to person. For low budget hunting for deer I Big 5. It's basically as Russian 30-06, basically I said. I find that a decent gun for deer hunting, but everyone has their own taste. Also another budget friendly rifle ...
What would you consider to be a decent salary?
Decent pay for what? The concept of a 'decent' salary depends mainly on...
Whats the best way to meet a decent guy after uni?
Remember "DECENT GUYS" are good...but just because some Guy has a good... of the fact that whether he is a white trash or a Decent "LOOKING "guy ...majority of the men may be Cold ...
On what occasions would you use "decent"?
Decent means two things. One is that something is is a decent car (i.e. good enough, adequate, not great). I make a decent living. Sometimes we say 'halfway decent' but there's really...