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What would you call the 2009 Decade?
haha decade of diets - there are some many different diets and weight can try out there! thats the first thing that came to mind decade of technology - think about all of the advances! - the size of computers...
What is a good name for this decade?
"The pretender decade" or "Pretend it's all OK decade...there wasn't much progress and far less happiness than previous decades until perhaps the depression in the 30's...even then though people...
how many degrees has the earth risen in the last decade.?
LAST DECADE IS THE WARMEST ON RECORD... (0.2C), compared to the average for the previous decade.
What do we call this decade?
... the slogan writers have no idea what to call this decade spanning 2000-2009. They are not alone...quality to it. May take hold better after this decade is over, like "Hey remember back in the ...
next decade?
Think back over the past several decades in America, & it makes my heart... will look back at these most recent decades in awe & astonishment There hasn't ...
When does the new decade start? Is it now or is it 2011?
Technically its true that a decade is ten years so you could start it in 2000 and... century AD. The very first decade AD started 1/1/0001 and end 12/31/0010. ...
top memories of the past decade?
Well that decade actually is over, it ended on New Year's Eve...39;s a great thing, since I think the 2000's was generally a crappy decade, especially when compared to the 90's which were great, imho. ...
Music of the decades?
... technology. All the music you hear from past decades is recorded - you can't go back and Les Paul). By the end of the decade 16 track recorders were starting to...
why is 2010 the new decade and not 2011?
A decade is 10 years. You can start a new sequence of 10 years...year was 1 c.e. and the 10th year, or the last year of the first decade was 10 c.e. Work it from there. Years ending in 1...
Toughest wrestler by decade?
I'll pick one for each decade I've been a fan: The 60's -- "Judo"...