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Minecraft sword damage?
...simple. For every half a chestplate the armor gives, it gives 4% damage reduction. Since there are 10 full chestplates worth of armor...
what is damaged hair?
damaged hair is hair that looks dry, as in not as shiny as other peoples hair, things llike that. also, damaged hair has split ends (as in one strand of hair that is split into two at the ends)
Hearing Damage????????
...-induced hearing loss is permanent due to nerve damage in the cochlea. Prevent further damage by turning down the volume. ...
hair damage?
damage to hair comes from outside not the inside and no it will not damage you hair.!
Oxidative damage to DNA?
Oxidative damage doesn't care what part of the chromosome it's at - it just attacks whatever...39;s a chemical reaction. So, generally speaking*, you'd expect it to damage all parts of all chromosomes at an equal rate. *There do...
edarthquake damage?
...and gas easy. Only turn back on when you think there has been no damage and check for leaks before you consider yourself done. Keep...
hurricane katrina damage?
... not street by street but heres some great pictures ...
MTG: Destroying also damage?
If something deals damage, then it will say so specifically on the card. Doomblade does not say...there are many ways to kill the Sphinx without dealing damage to it. Doomblade is one instant, cards like Geth'...
WoW question on damage.?
Generally, the "sustained" damage (DPS) is more important for PvE'll probably want the mace as you want to do as much damage as possible in the first hit. Hope this ...
Does damaging your hair cause hair loss?
Damaged hair can fall out, but hair will grow back. Hair loss, as in going bald, is determined genetically, not by the damage done to your hair. If you stop using a flat iron so much...