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what does curious mean?
adj. 1. Eager to learn more: curious investigators; a trapdoor that made ...who show a marked desire for information or knowledge. Curious most often implies an avid desire to know or learn...
What are you curious about?
I'm curious as to why you are going to bed at 8am. I'm curious as to...m curious as to why the moon left and the tiger appeared. I'm curious as to why my cat loves me some days and hates...
Are you intellectually curious?
I certainly am intellectually curious! I find the world - and existence itself - naturally... right - there ARE so few who are intellectually curious...I'm lucky to know several (including several...
Why are you cats so curious?
Cats are curious because, in the wild, they have to hunt for their food and therefore...figure out how to get inside it for the water! That's pretty curious, huh? Hope this answered your own curiosity!
bi-curious, by definition when someone is curious and has sexual thoughts about... anal sex with another man, anal sex doesn't mean you are gay or bi-curious its just pleasure and as long as you enjoy it just keep doing it.
just was curious?
Well that's good to be curious...the book of Isaiah says "Come now, and let us...
whats your definition of bi curious?
Bi curious and bi have fine lines. I think you're bi curious if you are unsure of whether you do like a certain sex or not. See for me, bi curious does not just mean a straight person maybe liking the same sex, it can also...
What does it mean to be Bi-curious?
Bi-curious means to not be sure whether you are attracted to not sure that you like girls in that way, then you could say you're bi-curious. If you find yourself physically/sexually/emotionally/romatically attracted...
teens: im curious about abortion?
Misty, I was curious too. About being young and having a child... home. In conclusion, please Misty, be curious no more abortion is not the Right thing and hopefully...
Am I bi-curious?????????????
Many of us are bi curious. I find most of us are curious as to what it would be like to be...still love men, became more and more frequent and more and more powerful. Curious is that you would like to experiment, and many find that it isn't their...