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If the school doesn't resolve an issue about possible unethical behavior what alternatives do I have?
You can file your complaint with the university ombud's office, but personally I don't see any "abuse." Four courses over an eight-week summer semester is an overloaded schedule. The semester is half the length, but the same material has...
If you could make one difference in the world what would it be?
I'd wish everyone to be happy That would mean they had no sorrow, or illness or hard times in their lives
What do you think of this quote: “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.”?
I remember it's credited to Elanor Roosevelt. Makes pretty good sense.
Why do women say they go for personality when there are so many single men?
Everybody has their life to live. It's not my call to decide what motivates women collectively. I'm an old man who learned long ago I'll never understand them. The best I can do is...
since theres descriptions ofw a worldwide flood around isnt this evidence that the bible stole some myths to be credited?
Definitely well known that the Jewish "flood" myth was taken from earlier works. The Sumerians were much earlier in civilization and they had a flood myth-- and several are easily traceable to the...
How would the element do against the new sprinter?
Dude you need a new hobby. Or see a therapist. Or get a new Altima.
Good name for a thrash band?
....I. discs spend a day appreciating it from cover art to credits in sleeve notes you will for sure not only get inspiration for your band...
Selling house before probate is over?
Yes, you can sell a house/ real estate still in Probate. The executor of estate must sign, and he must get all listed heirs to also sign , and file with court, for informal probate. For formal probate, the executor must do the same, and motion to the court, that everyone's signed, and it...
I am torn between my family and my boyfriend.? of those do most people like but we pay them, if its credit card bills and stuff like that, then he should buy those items. ...
What if i never use the HEARTGUARD prepaid card?
There's nothing to "get out of". It's a rebate card. You either use the card for a purchase or you don't. The maintenance fee is charged to the card monthly until the balance is used up. If you toss it, make sure to cut it up first.