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Since God created everything, why did he have to create pain, suffering, despair and evil?
God creates evil Isaiah 45:7 and Amos 3:6 (... it?" Is God really the one who created evil? To answer the question we must first look...
Did god create evil.........?
God did not create sin! God's nature is love. He created us...
Who created who??? matter what exists, it must have been created. Furthermore, to be created ... an infinite number of creations and created things including things that...
why did god create us?
He created us to worship him because God is the creator and the almighty...not that he was bored and created us, he would've created something better that would like him and he has created...
create a new e-mail account?
You can create a new Yahoo Mail account or an extra email address. An ... account. It's not a separate Yahoo! ID or account. Create a new account at the following link:
Who created God?
God created the three dimensional universe we know and love, most humans only see life with a... God he has always and will always be there. God created the universe, one of the dimensions of our universe is time, since...
Didn't god create evil?
... first it might seem that if God created all things, then evil must have been created...become a “thing” that required God to create it. Perhaps a further illustration will help...
I have heard said that the devil cannot create. What is your view of this? Can you cite Scriptural proof?
God created man in the image of Elohim (God). God... of Genesis6. So also since God created mankind to be creative, God also created the...
how are virsuses created?
...any other application, a virus must be programmed. So they are created by programmers. Those programmers might be students...
how do you create an...?
•To create/change an Avatar -You should be able to go to either your...profile at and select 'create or edit my avatar' whichever it says. -OR, go to the actual...