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What does "if the offer still stands" mean?
...still exists, so say you invited someone over and they said they couldn't make it, later if their other plans were ...
Is their any footage of Americans taking away Native American lands?
No cameras of any kind were available during the process of Indian removal. Research primary sources for Indian removal.
How come a girl would act tough like this?
I think she couldn't make it more clear that she wants your attention and you seem to...
I found condoms in my sons room?
"... then I decided that I couldn’t do anything" Since when? You're a parent, correct? (...
Football-Blocking Backs Wolverines or Conleys Badgers?
Badgers. I couldn't get the game on TV; what gives? I could get Bama - Mercer or Clemson - Citadel but not a good B1G game.
Why was God unable to forgive our Sins without getting Him self Killed?
Very little about Christianity makes any sense, Yugi.
Why did Jesus Call JUDAS "Betrayer" if Jesus wanted to get Him self Killed for our sins? Wasn't Judas doing service to God.?
Yes, Judas is actually the hero of Christian mythology. Without him, Jesus would fail in his suicide mission
My dog died almost 3 years ago (cancer) and I still get really sad sometimes?? people make me feel like I shouldnt care anymore??!!!?
I know just how you feel. I still shed tears every now and then over my "Once in a lifetime" GSD who I had to have put to sleep because his cancer had spread, when he was almost 15 years old, 2 years ago. I miss...
do you think he likes me?
Maybe try googling about body language - and more specifically body language signs that show romantic interest. Read up on it before you see him next and keep an eye out for any signs, remembering that it needs to be more than just one or two signs in combination...
What is a good durable reliable heavy duty pole saw?
... didn't bother replacing my last chainsaw pruner. I couldn't believe how sharp the Silky was. And with its light...