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Need a cheap console with cheap games?
... and then installed on the WiiU with ease. Really you couldn't go wrong with either of these consoles, they have a great library of ...
fear of reading aloud in class?
It's a very rare thing, to have someone be a confident reader. Reading comprehension is a problem for a great many. The fact that you are confident gives you a head start, while it sounds in your own head that your voice is cracking etc. it...
Help I think I'm in love with a stripper?
While it's POSSIBLE that she really likes you, it's also possible that she's just being professionally competent. So keep in mind that her profession is STRIPPER and that includes convincing men that she really and truly...
Would Trump make a good stand up comedian?
He couldn't handle a heckler. He'd immediately go into meltdown mode!!!
I’m terrified of growing up?
...39;t wait to grow up, to have all their own options. I sure couldn't wait. (I admit I didn't have the greatest childhood...
Ladies if you discovered your husband sometimes liked to put on frilly lingerie and dresses would you keep your wedding vow of?
it could be very handy coudlnt it, wife n hubby could go shopping for undies together and have great fun...
How come god created Eve from one of Adam's ribs? Couldn't he have used a femur or a fifth metatarsal? And how come men and women have...?
There's a theory that eve was made from Adam's penis bone, which is why men don't have a penis bone anymore. Some real biblical "scholars" believe this; not kidding.
Was my friend in the wrong? What should I do?
To be honest, I would say something. If this is your own aunt she won’t let you talk to, there may be a problem. However, it would be best to keep it peaceful, as raising voices and other stuff may make it worse. Perhaps sit down...
How would girls feel about guys like this?
Are You Unapproachable?:be a challenge to women.Is it possible to use conversation and communication to set things up so that women are pursuing you, regardless of whether they were or weren't at first? for starters...
Why does Jesus compare God to human Judges? (John 10:33) If he's replying to the men accusing him of claiming to be equal to God or God? be God nor did he claim to be equal to God. So he couldn't be accused of blasphemy for this idea. He did on several...