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Feeling fear & unsafe about bad date w/guy?
...why you didn't cancel the date if you were feeling so badly you 'couldn't voice you opinions.' Next time you aren't feeling...
Hey guys, wondering if any of you could tell me the name of the video game?
Majesty Looks like you can buy it on the Steam Store as well: I...
Did I just have a panic attack?
If it happens again, go see a doctor.
Is nudism mentioned in the Bible? If yes, is nudism a sinful act?
... a pervert enjoying the view and he was most angry that he couldn't enjoy the show anymore, the jig was up, the humans figured...
What do you think of jective morality is ? Where do you think it comes from ? Couldn't subjective & objective morality play on each other ?
It is simply 'morality'. Anything else is a jokers game.
I self identify as plantation owner from the year 1850 thus shouldn't I still be allowed to own slaves?
... social limitations to self-identification. For example, I couldn't go back to high school if I identified as a teenager. ...
Disabling one of two Wifi signals?
The 2.4Ghz signal work with older wifi standards such as 402.11B or 402.11G. The 5Ghz signal works with faster wifi standards such as 402.11N and 402.11AC. It also has better...
This guy won’t leave me alone?
Your instincts are correct. He is an obsessive creep. He 'says' he's 15. He's probably 50 and a perv. Of course he wants you to sneak out to see him and when you discover not the slim, handsome 15 year old but the fat and sweaty...
What happened with this guy?
I think what has happened is that this guy may have freaked out about that intimacy conversation that you had with him and as a result, came to the conclusion that you weren't into him. Add to this the fact that you had plans on a...
Why do most women want to date/marry a guy who’s extremely good looking, smart, and financially well off and responsible but never do?
...down to bang were awesome but then they realized these girls couldn't commit and they could never relax they always had to look perfect. As...