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My Mom has a friend who is a bad person. How do I prevent this bad woman from corrupting my mother's thoughts about our extended family?
... out to be strong attitude and she yells all the time. I couldn't do anything to stop her from hanging out with those friends...
Is this sentence grammatically correct? And is it convincing according to law that the father couldn't attend the ceremony due to his age.?
It's a little awkward for English, and not grammatically correct. The following would be one way to correct the phrasing (and there are other good ones also): "Because X’s father is about 70 years old, and was...
Can anyone help?
There was a time (pre 1999) when Volvo's were very well made vehicles and go for hundreds of thousands of miles some even went a million miles. However after 1999 Ford bought...
Fired from my job because I wasn't doing enough of my boss's work for him?
Every employee in the world is doing work the boss doesn't want to do. That's kind of the point of having employees. It's your job to make yourself indispensable. I know one person employed in a fairly low level job in a major...
Is my nose piercing infected?
First, start caring for it properly. Look at the spray your piercer gave you, it should be either h2ocean, or sea salt spray with only sodium chloride and water. If it isn't, then you need to get a better product. You also need sterile gauze pads. A q...
Couldn’t we just have one “white appreciation day”?
Why are Trump and co always crying fake news whenever someone questions them?
... life and he tried to do it with Kim of Korea but he couldn't could he so he resorted to name calling like fat man which you...
How to overcome the sense of bad conscience after rejecting someone?
...importance. I would fire someone for dishonesty and did recently. They guy couldn't believe it. Well, he believes it now. And I...
Why would I receive two different EOB's from two different medigap policies?
I fail to see an issue. If the plan you have processed the bill, then it would be unlikely you'd receive a bill from the doctor other than one that says, "$0." Unless you receive a bill from the doctor that doesn't agree with the Plan F EOB, then I'm...
Am I pregnant?
...get a negative pregnancy test it can be either that the test was faulty or that it couldn't detect the hcg hormone, if 2 have came up positive then i'd say yes...