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Why did she touch my pussy ?
Honey you shouldn't write deep details not gonna lie it turned me on. As for your question, things like this happen between friends especially at a sleepover. Your friend got curios and went that far in feeling you...
Is it a painful death for a dog to die of suffocation?
As long as he did have air holes in the box, my take on this very sad event would be he was probably on his way out when you first found him. Shivering can be down to cold, but it can also be down to severe pain. Perhaps the dog had...
Have you every felt justs so comfortable staring off into space.?
your probably stressed out ...
Do you think it would be childish to lock the fridge to prevent GROWN UP children take the food when visiting?
Yes, it’s childish. Your parents make the rules, not you. If they don’t want their son raising the fridge, they tell him. If he ignores them, he’s not allowed over without their supervision. If you...
Am I Transgender? Please read the mess I described; I tried to type it the best I could with the word limit...?
Definitely time to see a gender therapist for a possible diagnosis.
My dad killed our family dog, how do I cope?
As bad as this may sound, acceptance is the only way. If you ruminate about the possibilities of reversing the past, you'll forever be a slave to the thoughts of it happening which could lead to actual health problems. Just find ways to...
Obama, why did you try to distroy America and divide it by race?
“ Yes we can” but oh no we couldn’t. More like, “we are temporarily out of service” . He did however, bring about his change as promised, but that didn’t end well - AT ALL
What is the average cost for motorcycle insurance? (please look details below)?
...don't even know which country you live in. And even if we did we couldn't give anything other than a wild guess. Get online and on the phone, get...
Is this sassy but funny?
So Sassy! But, It would be even more funny if she were notorious in the company for have sh*t stained pants all the time
The govt was supposed to create laws to protect Americans from the corporations...instead why is the govt creating laws for the corporations?
Well it couldn't be more obvious could it? They're working for and with the...