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Couldn't Feel My Uterus?!?** Is this NORMAL?!?
...and said she could see the heart beat and she did tell me that she couldn't see a baby when I miscarried the second pregnancy. ...
Couldn't care less. Have you noticed...?
... this phenomenon because it bugged me to hear people say "couldn't care less." I'm an American and most of the time...
Why couldn't god just get it right?
...different universe which is closer to what he wants. A molecule couldn't be out of place because that would mean that there are certain things...
I couldn't imagine this life without a music. And You?
very good question.i couldn't even breathe without music.the first thing i do after ...that again. so, resuming, my answer would be NO, i couldn't imagine this life without music.i couldn't even live without it.sorry...
Is the phrase I could or couldn't care less?
I couldn't care less. That means you already care so little that you absolutely...
Why couldn't Britain prevent Rhodesian independence in 1965?
...impossible. Rhodesia (modern Zimbabwe) is a landlocked country, so they couldn't just land troops and march on the capital. They would have ...
How, specifically, does modern science "prove that evolution couldn't possibly have occurred"?
...just as stupid. "Abiogenesis is thermodynamically impossible so evolution couldn't get started." Thermodynamics relates to energy...
Why couldn't Japan fully invade China WW2?
They couldn't manage a full occupation simply because China is huge. Japan...
Is it correct to say "you couldn't care less.." or "you could care less ..."?
...understand the point of the original. (And it IS clear that "I couldn't care less" is the original form; the other a derived form...
What is the difference between couldn't, wouldn't, and shouldn't?
couldn't - lacked the ability to do the action ;even if the desire was there wouldn't - did/does not have the desire to to do the action shouldn't- some standard (safety, common sense, etc) advises against performing an action.