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complete these sentences. use can't or couldn't + one of these verbs: eat-decide-find-go-go-sheep?
couldn't eat my dinner can'tdecide couldn't find can't go could't go
How does she pronounce "couldn't you have" in this video?
"Couldn't you have" is most often contracted because it doesn't... native speakers who are not good writers write,"couldn't you of" because they sound alike. The main verb is "dry...
i couldn't install Visual studio6.0,i got msg as"Couldn't find Acme setup"help me to solve this
... a problem and needs to close Installation wizard couldn't find Acme setup Installation wizard cannot find...
why couldn't we see the stars on the moon?
...and a number of others from office. If six or eight people couldn't keep a hotel room burglary a secret, then how could literally thousands of...
Plot Hole of Inception: Why couldn't he bring his kids out of the country?
He couldn't bring his kids out of the country, because the entire movie is him trapped in his own dream to begin with. The reason he couldn't see his kid's faces was because he had to...
Is the phrase "I COULD care less" or "I COULDN'T care less"?
Couldn't is correct. If you could not care less, you are caring as little as possible. If you say I could care less, you mean I care a little bit, because I could care even less than I do.
He couldn't do it, and help?
You mean he couldn't orgasm? It could be because he was nervous or stressed. ...
In casablanca, why couldn't rick return to america?
Rick, himself, never said he couldn't go back. Only Major Strasser said he couldn...
16 weeks and midwife couldn't find a constant heartbeat. Should i be worried?
We couldn't get a consistent heartbeat from my little girl until 34 weeks when she...
do Americans really say 'I could care less' instead of 'I couldn't care less'? is those that have just heard "I couldn't care less". They hear it incorrectly and use the term "I could care less", I couldn't tell you exactly where they are from. However...