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What was one thing you couldn't have lived without?
...a piece of foam to put on top so it's nicer to sleep on. I just couldn't bear to put him in his crib right away. A soft/dimmable...
Nursing Moms-has anyone ever said that they couldn't breastfeed for a reason that you overcame?
I love how you say "couldn't" I "couldn't" breast feed. My daughter was...keep up with pumping every 2 hours/24 hours a day I couldn't have put her to breast yet. They had to know exactly what...
Theist and creationist, why couldn't "God" have created all that you believe God created through the natural process...?
-Theist and creationist, why couldn't "God" have created all that you believe God...
What *COULDN'T* Jimi Hendrix do?
But Seth, there is something he couldn't do... Jimi couldn't read music! Does that make him...
why couldn't i cry for him?
I'm really sorry for your loss. Maybe you couldn't cry because it hasn't hit you yet what actually happened. Maybe...
M/w couldn't detect bbys HB at 15 wk m/w appointment?
Oh hun, I'm so sorry, but if she couldn't find a heartbeat, that is pretty final. At 15 weeks she most...
Couldn't an all powerful God have chosen?
...from asking more questions. It used to be that science couldn't answer the question about the origin of the universe or of the Big ...
Have you ever had a dream where you knew you was asleep and couldn't wake up?
... to be exact) when I tried to wake up and I couldn't. None of the methods I usually used worked...
Do these sentences mean the same? couldn't help & couldn't stop?
Not usually. "I couldn't stop laughing" means you kept laughing ( just happened, it was too funny for you not to laugh. "I couldn't help laughing" is the same as "I couldn't...
Is it I COULD or COULDN'T care less ?
couldn't :D like I couldn't have cared less?!