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Name a song that has the words couldn't, cannot or can in the title or lyrics?
I Couldn't Live Without Your Love - Petula ...
Is it possible to find out where the human mind couldn't work properly ?
... "it" possible, it being, "to find out where the human mind couldn't work properly?" My response would be yes, probably. The human...
How many of you wanted to breastfeed but couldn’t?
... son crashed for the second time, had so little energy he couldn't open his eyes or cry for food any more, let alone latch on in a...
Things women couldn't do?
Couldn't go to school, get equal pay & education, couldn't own property, and had very limited rights.
So when I asked why some women choose to formula feed their baby I got many responses saying that they "couldn?
...39;t breastfeed. it just makes them feel better to say they couldn't. if it were 100 years ago and there was no formula to...
Couldn't Feel My Uterus?!?** Is this NORMAL?!?
...and said she could see the heart beat and she did tell me that she couldn't see a baby when I miscarried the second pregnancy. ...
Why couldn't god just get it right?
...different universe which is closer to what he wants. A molecule couldn't be out of place because that would mean that there are certain things...
How, specifically, does modern science "prove that evolution couldn't possibly have occurred"?
...just as stupid. "Abiogenesis is thermodynamically impossible so evolution couldn't get started." Thermodynamics relates to energy...
Is it correct to say "you couldn't care less.." or "you could care less ..."?
...understand the point of the original. (And it IS clear that "I couldn't care less" is the original form; the other a derived form...
Why couldn't God raise his own son (Jesus) but instead gave Joseph the responsibility to raise him?
... I thought you were asking why God couldn't raise Jesus from the dead (which He did). It certainly...