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What is meant by politically correct?
politically correct Also, PC or p.c. Showing an effort to make broad social and political... have sent out numerous directives concerning politically correct language. This expression was born in the late 1900s, and excesses...
radii or radius.....which is correct?
The correct usage for plural is radii. The correct usage for cactus and octopus...or "Are the radius of these two circles the same" and no one corrected us. Given the dictionary definition that second phrase is incorrect...
Are these sentences correct:?
They are both correct, but logically they mean two different things. "must be correct" - is...quotation marks. She said, "It must have been correct". <=== direct speech She said that it must have ...
Was the Pope correct?
I don't' think the Pope has ever been more correct, but I don't think he should have apologized, whey apologize for...
is it correct sentence ? Plz help?
The correct way of writing it is: If you like shopping...quot;dvds, and..." and "dvds and" are correct, but I always do the one with the comma. (In reference to the...
Are my Spanish answers correct?
1) correct 2)correct 3)correct 4)correct 5)correct 6)correct 7)correct 8) wrong. Despertador = alarm clock 9) correct 10) correct 11) correct 12...
Difference between Rectify and correct?
correct is used more like correcting a sentence or making a report... involved or in the court system and it means you change something, correct it, apologize and make restitution or do something in return to say you're sorry.
Please math help! just need my answers corrected?
1. correct 2. correct 3. correct 4. correct 5. correct 6. incorrect (33/28) 7. correct 8. correct 9. correct 10. correct 11. correct 12. correct 13. incorrect (.55 -- total...
what is a corrected title?
A corrected title can mean several things. Some of the most common reasons...and title brand updates. If your report indicates a corrected title, you may want to look for other indicators, such as a branded...
Is "Injun" politicaly correct?
Politically correct or not, it is just not correct or proper to call them "Injuns...