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Who is the top fudgepacker at CNN; Jim Acosta , Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper or Jeffery Zerburg?
Acosta is certainly the bottom. Top...I'm guessing Lemon.
Do women really think George Clooney is attractive?
Not really.
Is it true that Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper of CNN fudgepack each other during the commercial breaks?
now thats just rude... you should meddle in others people business! but yes, it is possible but no verdict can be reached
“CNN Sucks!” “And they do indeed, they have a major role to play as far as tone and as far as everything.” BUT FOX NEWS DOESN'T??
Hannity is a hate-monger - - he gives all conservatives a bad name CNN is looking better every day
Have you watched Lady Gaga's new movie "A Star Is Born"?
I have not seen it but I intend to very soon. It looks like a really good movie and I love Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's song.
Can you name a couple secretly transgender celebrities?
I think Rose McGowan, Rosie O'Donnell, Hillary Clinton, Ellen DeGeneres, and Anderson Cooper are all secret trannies.
Has Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon ever dated each other?
Probably. Two liberal gay guys.
What are some great songs from the 70's ?
... Ballroom blitz - Sweet School’s out - Alice Cooper Show me the way- Peter Frampton Love ...
Ok so why are pit bulls banned in England?
...s actually frightened to be in. I'd get on to Trevor Cooper re this situation. He has a website... https://www.doglawsos...
Do Don lemon and Anderson Cooper want to pack Trump's fudge real bad?
They wish they were in Stormy's place instead. They have wet dreams about being with the Don.