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Why did hypocrite Democrats hate McCain when he ran with Caribou Barbie against Obama in 2008, and now they like him dead?
I know. It's sickening. Using his death to go after Trump. I was on this site in 2008, and I remember well. He was a senile war monger in 2008. They really need to cut the shittt
Anderson Cooper is an Admitted Homosexual, but what about Don Lemon?
Jews who run the media always promote the worst amoung us as examples.
If you'd chosen the name Cooper for your son what middle name would you pick??
Was 9/11 an inside job?
... to Aaron Russo and Milton William Cooper for example) using the problem-reaction-solution strategy. The scared...
White people- Why do you use Mobile Phones?
Same reason other people do.
Why are many dogs and cats in the US called Dozer and Cooper respectively?
I know right. I at least switched it up a bit and named my dog Bull and my cat Dozer.:)
Who are your top 10 favorite sitcom characters?
...), Dan Connor (Roseanne), Dr. Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory), Blossom Russo...
I’m afraid of men lusting over me. How can I get rid of this fear? Does the Bible say something about lust and fear?
Well - the clothes you wear and how you act will determine whether you attract men that lust for you or love you. Your concern is good. And you need to dress like the Amish if you would not have most men not having lustful thoughts about you when you...
On this list, have you ever watched any of these comedy TV shows on ABC (American Broadcast Company)?
..., Step by Step, Hangin' With Mr. Cooper, According to Jim, George Lopez, My Wife...
Why are Libs/Dems still leaning on CNN as some truth source? Did you know the majority of Americans don't trust Traditional MSM?
... that get more viewers than CNN. Anderson Cooper's (CNN) Facebook program has been tanking...