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I’m afraid of men lusting over me. How can I get rid of this fear? Does the Bible say something about lust and fear?
Well - the clothes you wear and how you act will determine whether you attract men that lust for you or love you. Your concern is good. And you need to dress like the Amish if you would not have most men not having lustful thoughts about you when you...
Why are Libs/Dems still leaning on CNN as some truth source? Did you know the majority of Americans don't trust Traditional MSM?
... that get more viewers than CNN. Anderson Cooper's (CNN) Facebook program has been tanking...
When Trump accepted the soccer ball from Putin, was he violating the Emoluments Clause? Why isn't Anderson Cooper on this?
LMFAO - - only a Democrat would let the gift of a soccer ball influence their official actions
Need a boy name for the middle name Jedi?
... Jedi Emerson Jedi Parker Jedi Cooper Jedi Arlo Jedi Zachary Jedi
2009 Mini Cooper clubman start then stall.?
Rent (or buy) a fuel pressure gauge and check fuel pressure while cranking (key on Start). Fuel pressure is good, check for a vacuum leak.
Creative names for story either gender?
... Braden Nolan Evan Dominic Austin Cooper Gavin Jason Girls: Kennedy Piper ...
Here's an idea. How about a survival show where Liberals and Conservatives are trapped on an island until one outlast the other. Thoughts?
Lol! That isn't a bad idea. But probably nobody would survive because they'd kill each other. Especially if they were Yahoo people.
Have you thanked President Trump's Border Patrol for saving the life of a 6 year old lost migrant boy in the Arizona Desert?
To be fair, that's sort of their job.
When will CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC ABC, blah blah blah do an IN-DEPTH investigation of Black men murdered on a DAILY basis by Non-Law?
... like Don Lemon, Trevor Noah, Anderson Cooper, and etc for acting like they give a dam about America and ...
Which of these three hair color looks more flattering when you are very pale?
I like the wine or the coppery colour but I would go a bit bolder with the copper (it looks very similar to the brownish red to me), if your eyes are blue they would stand out a bit more. If you have cooler skin tones then go for the wine...