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Need info on Martin Cooper!?
... this works... Martin Cooper is the inventor of the cell phone. Dr...develop the first police radios. ~ Cooper also believes that time is ...
Whatever Happened to Alice Cooper?
... Diamonds album still fresh in memory, Cooper announced on his web site that he would...publicity for the band. On July 1, 2007, Cooper performed a duet with Marilyn ...
Is Anderson Cooper gay?
Mr Cooper himself says "You know, I understand why people might be ...guy. AW. I love his hair.
Is Alice Cooper a preacher, and does he have a church?
Cooper owns two rock and roll clubs/restaurants called live from the US. And on July 4. June 10, 2006, Cooper began presenting a Classic Rock show on Irish...
Was Alice Cooper revolutionary?
Alice Cooper (born Vincent Furnier) was not truly...than an adjunct to the genre. I really like Alice Cooper, but his music was rebellious, not revolutionary...
Middle names for Cooper and Riley?
Cooper Harrison Cooper Levi Cooper Everett Cooper...
Did William Cooper predict 9/11?
Cooper did predict it. He knew that a major attack was imminent...for many years, and openly spoke about it on his radio show. Cooper paid the ultimate price for his bravery when he was gunned...
Kia Soul or Mini Cooper?
I have owned two Mini Cooper JCWs... and I will tell you, if you can buy...way too many horror story's of either The base cooper is more reliable than the turbo cars...
Who was the better "DEFENSIVE" player, Michael Cooper or Scottie Pippen?
Boy, that's a great question! Cooper was a great, great defender. What'... did say, many times, that Cooper was BY FAR the best...
I wanna Mini cooper controvertible?
MINI Coopers are not 'crap'. They are less... NOT buy an '02 to '04 MINI Cooper or Cooper S with an automatic transmission. ...