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Anyone know a free online short-story contest?
Wow!! Contest!! Ur question reminds me of my school and college days..., teachers, elders and for his excellent performance in the contest. Really those were the golden days and enjoyable too. Internet...
Fall Out Boy Karaoke Contest?
... Out Boy Karaoke Contest” Official Rules NO...”). The administrator of the Contest is Creative ZING...
Erotic poetry contests?
There's always Google! erotic poetry contest × Advanced searchAbout 392,000 ... from our recent Erotic Poetry contest, ... More poems from the Asinine ...
writing contests?????????
... Voices Foundation Rewrite Contest Deadline: Not yet announced...and post your story. Check out this page for contest guidelines. Kids Are Authors...
Legitimate Photography Contest?
Most of the legitimate photography contests I find cost money. And for good reason...'s Forum Student Contest of 2008 (top 8% of entries). I'...
"no contest"?
NO Contest mans you do not wish to try the case or contest the merits of the could have invoked when pleading not guilty. The No contest plea is known as Nolo Contendre. The effect...
Contest #1: So if you can get access to any big city (NYC/Hollywood/Los get to the stage door, you will be bound to meet the stars when they are leaving. Contest #2: Clearly w/e means "whatever'! Contest #3: The best website...
writing contest help please!?
Most contests will require a fee in order to pay for those prizes; and as the cliché...: I don't know which (if any) are free, but look around. ...
Good Justin Bieber and/or taylor Swift contests?
Justin Bieber contest: The 1st place prize will be for flights, accommodation...the City of Love. Taylor Swift contest: So here is the deal: The tickets...
poetry contests?
...helpful calendar list of contact information and deadlines for numerous reputable poetry contests that doesn't require you to register.