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is there anyway you can make it so you have a higher chance of people answering your questions on here?
...the answer is ALWAYS "see a doctor" 10. Too time consuming 11. Too much extraneous material to read - we don't need your life...
Is it legal to make a music video for Youtube with somebody else's song?
...permission and pays a royalty, or a fee every time the media is consumed, in return. There is royalty-free music, which is music specifically...
What's going on?
You’re probably suffering from malnutrition. You should at least eat some cheese. Alzheimer’s is a degenerative disease of old age. Early onset of this disease would be in a person’s fifties. You’re nowhere near that. The very reason we...
Am I losing my mind?
A gas leak?
So currently this is my 2nd day of doing keto and something strange happened? a two-day supply of glucose in the form of glycogen, so after two days of consuming no more than 20 grams of carbohydrates, most people go into ...
do many or most people look at food shopping / grocery shopping as a really hard chore? how depends?
...don't see it as "hard" but rather time-consuming. I spend as much time making up my... probably the unpleasantest (to me) and most time-consuming chore I do. I get major groceries...
Is drinking drinks with nutmeg in it good or bad for me occasionally?
People have been consuming nutmeg occasionally for many centuries without harm. It makes no difference whether you have it in a drink or in a cake or a casserole or a sauce.
how many times do people burp in a lifetime?
.... However, this number can change depending on what you consume. if the average person lives to 70 years, that is 25550 ...
If it’s true that blacks consume over 50 percent of the chicken grown in the USA?
what's the problem, do you feel like you're not getting your share of chicken? Just eat more chicken, nobody has a monopoly on eating chicken. why do you feel like you need to ask that anonymously. Is it because you are embarrassed to be a racist? You...
Can low oil levels increase fuel consumption permanently even if the engine is topped up with oil?
If your red oil pressure warning light comes on your moor is already being damaged The connecting rod bearings, crankshaft bearings and camshaft bearings will get scored and worn...