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Why do almost noone answer my questions now?
...the answer is ALWAYS "see a doctor" 10. Too time consuming 11. Too much extraneous material to read - we don't need your life...
Can I feed my dog raw meat?
... and phosphorus in balanced proportion to the amount of protein they consume. So if YOU are the one supplying the RAW meat...
why most transexuals kill themselves when they reach around 35 years old?
...that. But, I had body dysmorphic disorder. I was consumed by my looks. I was tall and with the right this and that...
how to determine number of calories you need to restrict yourself to in order to lose weight? (how depends as you do lose weight)?
... more active, then you can add some to that. To lose weight you need to consume at least 500 calories less per day than you burn. A 500 calorie deficit...
Can I drink Ensure Plus or Boost if I have a high ldl "bad" Cholesterol?
Consume steal cut oats as porridge with milk. Take Cod/ shark liver...
Why do vegans think meat is murder?
...for you to eat. By mass producing livestock just for humans to consume is considered a definite murder whether you agree or not. Over...
I am a scorpio and I am with a Gemini he has a wondering eye. Why does it feel like we cant work?
... might change for a while and then go back to his old self. Don’t consume your energy trying to change him completely. I know ...
How has growing GMO's affected crop diversity and the amount of pesticides used?
..., pesticide use may be increased also. So people who consume these crops may also consumer more pesticide residues.
Is it common for people with naturally black hair , to experience orange hair , after attempting to bleach it?
...a couple times, it should turn a blonde colour. It can be time-consuming and expensive to bleach your hair again and again so most people prefer to just get...
What should I do now?
Time wounds all heels