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How much protein should i consume after work out?
you should be consuming between 1.1-1.3G of protein per pound, so in your case @180lbs you should...for quick digestion). never skip real food (dinner) and use a SUPPLEMENT instead. consume your protein in between breakfast and lunch, pre-workout (1 scoop ~24G), post...
Does a tv consume the same electricity when it is in standby mode compared to when it is fully on?
No, it consumes very much less. The exact amount depends on...the whole time. So a Sky Digibox consumes almost exactly the same amount when in standby or running...
Fan consume electricity?
Household fan consumes same amount of electricity at whatever speed. That is because the regulator...
Do you have to burn more calories than you consume?
...have to burn 3500 MORE calories than you consume, to lose 1 lb of fat...not just burn 3500 calories... a female, unless you are very short/small, you should consume at least 1500 calories a day...more if you are...
How many grams of protein should I consume?
... more energy for faster fat loss. Anyway, you should consume 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight a day. So, someone who...
So I consume around 800 calories a day...?
You gain weight based on how many calories you consume in a day and how much you burn off. If you consume more than you burn off every...
Burning more calories than you consume?
...39;s true, you need to burn more calories than consumed. But, you're only taking into consideration... today. So, 1500 (calories consumed) - 2600 (calories burned) = -1100 (calorie...
Limiting reactant, grams formed, grams consumed?
...of O2. So if you have 0.112 moles of NH3 this will consume 0.140 moles of O2. As we only have 0.0797 moles of...
every 20 years the amount of fresh water consumed?
Consumed by an individual person, a group, a nation? What? For me I consume 3, 600 gallons in 20 years.
am i consuming to much sugar ?
If you consume sugar naturally...example: bowl of oatmeal, strawberries (which is like 2...