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What are Conservative Baptists?
... General Conference (Swedish in origin), The Conservative Baptist Conference. A conference of churches ...
Who is happier Liberals or Conservatives?
Conservatives are generally happier than liberals regardless of which party holds power, if you believe a number of surveys which have ...this phenomenon. I mostly agree with his reasoning, as it reflects what I have experienced in the thinking of both the conservatives and liberals I have known.
Conservative and Reform?
Conservative Jews are more observant of the commandments than Reform...'s Reform Jews are becoming more Conservative -- we are using more Hebrew in our services...
Were the ideas of Martin Luther revolutionary or conservative?
They were both revolutionary and conservative. They were revolutionary in that he worked... thing all over again. He was conservative in that he wanted Christianity to return...
Why do Conservatives really detest Liberals so much ?
Conservatives probably realize that liberals are correct on the issues but the... on the group as a whole and on individuals because they know that as conservative ideas become increasingly outdated they can’t argue on the facts...
Practices of Conservative Judaism?
... wrong. (Sorry!) Individual Conservative Jews vary in their degree of observance... and she wanted to. Most Conservative congregations don't do the "confirmation...
Why do conservatives ignore conservative history?
Conservatives do not equal republicans. That is basic history. In Lincoln's..., no one opposed the internemnt of Japanese Americans, liberal or conservatives.... which is quite sad. Edit: And as for the first comment, yes the KKK...
Are Old People Conservative?
... people in the community NOW are conservative. They grew up that way because of the ... beilve that the older people now are conservative because of what they had to go through, but unless some...
What does it mean to be a conservative?
Generally, conservatives believe that if people are "good" i.e. work hard and... you really are socially liberal and fiscally conservative, then you really are a libertarian. If you...
What is the difference between neo-cons and conservatives?
True conservatives believe in fiscal responsibility, not a contest to see who can spend the biggest deficit...