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Correct Definition Of Conscious?
Conscious does not mean "cautious" or anything like that. However it can... or weaknesses or lapses of awareness/vigilance. So conscious=aware=mindful=vigilant=cautious. So conscious and cautious are closely ...
relationship between conscious and sub-conscious mind?
The Conscious & Subconscious Mind Let us look...long-term and very short-term goals). In order for the conscious mind to be able to do all of these things, it must have...
conscious or cautious?
Conscious means you know but it doesn't mean you are being reckless or... a store or jumping off of a cliff. You are being conscious--knowing what you are doing. You might be conscious of...
Conscious Preconscious Subconscious Unconscious?
Conscious is what you are thinking of at the moment. For instance, I am conscious of're not aware of these things taking place. Unconscious is the direct opposite of a physiological sense it could be if you were knocked out and were not responding to any...
how do i become not self conscious?
People who are "self-conscious" are simply people think of themselves too much, and...mind is that it cannot contain more than a single conscious thought at a time.) Treat it like an intruder...
Why am I so self conscious?
... to Stop Feeling Self Conscious Why do you feel self conscious? Is... are making you so self conscious? Is everyone around you picture perfect, or ...
Do animals have conscious thoughts, or just basic sensory data?
First conscious means alert, perceptive, aware that stuff is going on... of self perception and whether the responses are self-conscious or not
Unconscious vs conscious?
conscious mind necessarily programs the unconscious. there is nothing that one your unconscious mind that one hasn't already experienced in the conscious state of mind. one may even dream about an UFO. it would look like the one he or...
What is your conscious?
First, "conscious" is a verb: "You are conscious." That which...
Why couldn’t the sun be conscious?
... Sun and other ARE "conscious" and are "sentient"? HOW ... in base 10.? My cat is conscious, self aware, can communicate with other cats and human...