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examples of condescending attitudes?
"Condescending attitudes can be percieved as being passive aggressive. Condescenging...they are being rude and mean on purpose.Some people who give off a condescending attitude are not well liked. The goal with this is that...
My friend described me as condescending...?
People who ARE condescending can be among the most difficult people to get along...time he thinks you acted "condescending"?) Having said that, ...
Condescend ?
Definitions of Condescend on the Web: * behave in a patronizing and condescending..." to the level of, the disdained person.
Am I condescending, do I have a superiority complex?
Condescending, yes, superiority complex, probably not. You are confident in your... confirmation on Y!A. But more importantly, it is condescending to claim yourself wiser than others simply because of your...
Difference between patronizing, condescending, and rudeness.?
Condescending is displaying a patronizingly superior attitude while having a superior...patronizingly superior attitude.Synonyms are lordly, superior, lofty, snooty. condescending: (used of behavior or attitude) characteristic of those who treat others with...
Difference between condescending, rudeness, and disrespectful attitudes?
condescending.adjective showing or implying a usually patronizing descent from dignity or superiority. "of course I like women with power, they are submit to a dominant male." this is a valid answer to a question, neither of which violates the terms of use... although it is (by intent) 'condescending', 'rude' and 'disrespectful'.
What is condescending give me a example?
Condescending means "talking down" to someone. Example: An elderly lady brings... the elderly lady and starts with, "Now, now, dear ..." THAT's condescending. There is no need to speak to her as if she is a child. The ...
make sentence with condescending?
You ask..make sentence with condescending. 1. Quit talking to me in that condescending tone...
How can you identify a condescending person?
When being condescending, the person talks down to you as if you...!" So to sum it up, a condescending person is quite snobby most of the time and...
How to sound condescending?
The word "condescending" implies that you are "above" and he is beneath you...