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Chemistry help? organic compounds?
Organic compounds all contain Carbon as one of their constituent atoms. Most... of your physical infrastructure and chemical processes depend on organic compounds to work. In fact, the name "organic" means from living...
Compounds & Ions?
BINARY COMPOUND: A binary compound is a compound that ...equal an "-ide" Binary Covalent Compounds Nonmetal + Nonmetal + "-ide"...
Compound help?
A compound cannot contain metallic bond and it...). Covalent compound = molecular compound (same) These... strickly implies that the compound is ionic. But you must pay...
Molecular compounds.?
Ionic binary compounds usually consist of a cation from group IA or ...or O2. But there are many binary compounds with covalent bonds that contain metals and...
Compound Interest...?
1. What rate of interest compounded daily is required to double an investment....E.D: The rate of interest compounded daily, required to double an investment in fifteen...
What is compound interest?
Compound interest in simple terms is interest earned on your original investment. As ...answer is only after doubling 28 times which will give you over $1.3 million since the penny compounds or added upon itself. An important equation that Einstein said was...
Chemistry- Chemical Compounds?
Not all compounds which are named using the ... not have. But I digress. The compounds in A are named with the stock system...
compound interest?
Compound interest is paid on the original principal and on the accumulated past interest. accumulated after n years, including interest. When the interest is compounded once a year: A = P(1 + r)n However, if you borrow for 5 years the formula will...
naming compounds?
There are two types of compounds; ionic, and covalent. Ionic compounds will...'s just a matter of recognizing the compound is Ionic or Covalent.
what is an organic compound?
An organic compound is any member of a large class of chemical compounds whose ... and elementary carbon are not organic. The study of organic compounds is termed organic chemistry, and since it is a vast collection of...