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Why do men think women are complicated?
Women are complicated. We have more emotions, more ... a common reason why we are so complicated. One tiny comment or words were...
Why is life so harsh and complicated?
Many people say life is complicated because otherwise it wouldn't be ...39;t believe life is necessarily any more complicated today than it was before... well, at least...
french being complicated?
French is no more complicated than any other language. In fact, ... one language were truly much more complicated than another, then children would require a...
Is love complicated ?
... if you think LIFE is complicated. I've been married...along. Love and life are complicated and yet, we yern to have a wonderful person...
Why is literature complicated?
Literature isn't complicated. We make it complicated by trying to see...where the story takes you. It doesn't have to be complicated unless you want it to be.
Why do people complicate very simple ideas, and why do?
We complicate them because the term 'philosopher' originally means...complex ideas! Edit: Gabriel- Yes, they complicate to make people who AREN'T educated in the...
is life complicated or do we complicate it?
We definitely complicate life. Just think back in the day when technology ...look out the window with curiosity. Not only have we complicated ourselves with technology, I think we have made...
Why is Love so complicated? :/?
Love is "complicated" as is : LIFE, the MIND, Genetics, and ...
Why do I just LOVE complicated situations?
Clearly, you do not love these complicated situations. You find ...'s everyone. Life is complicated at 17. Heck, if it wasn't, this...
Why are guys so complicated?
...... Thats pretty simple. And I don't see anything really complicated about it. As for woman well they want things. love and ...