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good comedians-well, rather, the best comedians-don't tell "jokes...humorous material throughout. Granted, even the most intelligent, skilled, and surely hilarious comedians inevitably utitlize the punchline...but comedic success will never be found by ...
Female comedians....?
Female comedians aren't recieved as well, therefore women are... more subtle. So while, say, a Jewish comedian can make jokes about his own experience and we can...
Should I become a comedian?
to be a comedian you have to LOVE making...break. i think that the only way to become a comedian is to make it big, otherwise you will...also might want to watch the documentary "comedian" with jerry seinfeld. it shows...
In watchmen, did the Comedian have cancer?
The Comedian was upset because his worldview was breaking down. He...only means it does not matter. It's like this: The Comedian was a really seriously hard bloke. He calls himself the '...
Comedians question?
... Colbert. But the underlying quality that every good comedian has in my opinion is almost an oxymoron, they have over-the-top subtlety...
How To Be a Teen Comedian?
I'm a starting comedian. i have been at it for almost 9 months now. you...a different premise. if you're trying to be a stand up comedian, expect to bomb the first time. trust me on this. it...
How hard is it to make a living as a comedian?
Most comedians are never able to make their livings from comedy and the few who..., just like in the music industry. Being funny and being a comedian are very different things. Remember a few years ago...
When being a comedian?
basically you will always over lap jokes... i saw a comedian once and the exact joke i was making about something he did it almost...
What makes a great comedian? And what keeps comedian from using other comedians jokes? Whats funnier a joke or?
Timing is vital for comedians, from the set up of the punchline to the timing of the delivery of the kicker...
Comedian //// Singer?
By far the best comedian singer is Weird Al Yankovic.