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who colonized the following:?
SAUDI ARABIA - never colonised The emergence of a Saudi state... bin Saud). CHINA - never colonised The first reliable historical dynasty...
When will humans colonize Mars?
Colonizing Mars is possible. No one really disputes this. ... colonies. The first hurdle is political. Colonizing Mars would be hugely expensive and few politicians are ...
UK? colonized?
No one has ever colonized the United Kingdom, although the Romans did colonize...
Did Britain colonise America?
British colonised the East coast. Britain had 13 colonies which...after things related to other nationalities, which colonised the other parts.
Is it possible for humanity to colonize other planets?
To colonize another planet, we would have to build an artificial habitat on the other planet...for our current technology but we don't need planets to colonize, we can colonize the solar system with O'Neill ...
Who colonized the Philippines?
Spain colonized The Philippines. The USA never colonized...
What motivated British Empire to colonize many parts of the world?
... England started to colonise the Americas in 1583, they found... started, and Britain colonised much of Africa. By the 1900s...
how can we colonize space? ?
Interesting question. We could colonize the moon using habitats powered by solar energy or nuclear-electric... stellar neighbor and chances are there would be no suitable world to colonize there either.
build space habitats or colonize planets ?
Build space habitats. Problem with colonizing planets - especially Mars as the one most likely to be colonized...
why did the belgians colonize the congo?
why did the belgians colonize the congo? Leopold II, King of the Belgians ...