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collision theory?
Collision theory is a theory, proposed by Max Trautz and ...occur the reactant particles must collide, but only a certain fraction of the total collisions, the effective collisions, cause the transformation of reactant molecules...
what are some examples of elastic collision?
Elastic collisions are those in which no energy is lost - these...t necessary mind you...) Examples would be car collisions, dropping anything to the ground (as long...
Collision repair school?
Why choose collision repair as a career pathway? Hands-on: Why should your job be... able to step back and see the results of your work; then collision repair may be a good fit for you. High income potential: I-Car...
Physics: inelastic collisions?
For inelastic collision problems you need to use conservation of momentum to find the answer... you need: 1) A formula for linear momentum *before* the collision, it will look something like Pi=m1*v1+m2*v2 Your...
What is Elastic Collision?
Elastic Collision is when the objects bounce apart with no... World there are no perfect elastic collisions because there is no perfect elastic material, but some...
Uninsured motorist v collision?
collision pays for damages to your vehicle due to a collision impact, this would be a collision with another vehicle, a curb, pothole, object in the road and...
Inelastic car collision physcs?
Since the collision is inelastic, the cars are stuck together after the collision...use the following equation to determine their velocity immediately after the collision. vf^2 = vi^2 + 2 * a * d, vf = 0, a = -6.86, d = 10 0 = vi^2 + 2 * -6.86 * 10 vi...
what do hubs do with collision domains?
A collision domain is a physical network segment where data packets can collide with one...when using the Ethernet networking protocol. A network collision occurs when more than one device attempts to send a packet on a network...
Why is kinetic energy conserved in elastic collisions?
Collisions are elastic if the energy exchanges that occur during collision are...return this energy to the objects. The best example of an elastic collision is the collision between gas (air) particles - vast numbers of...