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Is a legit scholarship site? is a search engine. It simply matches you with ...
how reliable is
I personally like, and I think its a great resource for college...thing no one can calculate except yourself. But yeah collegeprowler is a good site, but don't rely on the admissions...
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I agree with you on that they are more positive on than I like to read both to get good and bad perspectives on all of the schools I'm researching.
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On Purdue University is at 65% and Florida is at 43%. Probably not, it really just depends on what the school is looking for, one might be more essay oriented while the other might look at grades...
Is legit?
The scholarship is "legit", but thousands of kids are applying for that scholarship, so it really isn't worth it. Look for scholarships more geared to your idiosyncrasies, such as being left...
Is collegeprowler's scholarship a scam?
Nowadays its easy, you can trace almost every scam. There are lot of websites people report such scam cases, one is I found it helpful.
Is the site legit?
Yes very much so. Real students post comments on there about what their schools are really like.
What does x% reach mean on
I wouldn't place much faith in the college prowler % numbers - they don't explain how their system works and it's pretty dodgy, it wasn't accurate when I was applying. The best place to get your chances of getting...
Are there any high school review websites that are like has reviews from teachers, students, and parents. It also has school profiles that have been filled out by their principals. Hope this helps!
Is it good to let colleges know you're interested in them on
It's nothing personal, it won't help you get accepted in any way. The website just puts your email out there and you get informational emails from colleges and universities.